Heather is an entrepreneur, mother of 2 amazing boys and wife to an amazing man. She co-owns the multi-award winning company Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc. and has a passion for transforming spaces.

A serial dieter since the age of 10, she has always struggled with her weight. From Weight Watchers to diet pills and shakes – she tried them all at some point over the last 30 years. Desperate to get off the diet train of despair, and after facing several severe health issues in 2015, she decided that her approach to life and food was very askew. Instead of opting for yet another diet, Heather chose to focus instead on creating a healthy & balanced lifestyle that incorporated both fitness and good, wholesome food in a way that would be sustainable.

Almost a year and a half later, Heather is in better shape than she has been since her teens. Working out four to five times a week at the gym and eating whole foods has changed her life – for the better. Still a work in progress, Heather is passionate about learning more about food & fitness so that she can continue to make positive choices for herself and her family. In her blog, she shares her thoughts, personal experiences and information she has found in order to help others get beyond dieting and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.